How to Use –

How to Use

Safe positioning of the Phoenix Fire

Always wear a minimum of cut level 5 gloves when handling this product as it is constructed from stainless steel sheet metal.

Is it possible on this page to add a link to a leaflet for Firepit 1 and Firepit 2 (leaflets attached – Phoenix Fire 1 and Phoenix Fire 2), entitled ‘Product Information and Safety Instructions’

The User must select a safe and suitable location when using the Fire.

The Fire must be positioned on a flat, non-combustible surface such as stone, brick or concrete.  It is further recommended to position additional non-combustible blocks or slabs at least 100mm thick directly under the firepit.

The Fire must be positioned at least 3 meters away from any combustible material prior to lighting, this includes overhanging trees, branches, and leaves. This distance must be maintained throughout the entire burning and cooling period.

Ensure your firepit is in an area where it can be extinguished safely with the use of a garden hose or bucket of water in case of emergency.

Lighting the Fire

Place 4 small (approx. 25mm) fire lighters equally spaced onto the stainless steel grate.  Position 3 or 4 of the smaller kiln dried logs onto the grate and carefully ignite the fire lighters with long matches or taper.  The logs will ignite within minutes.  As the Fire ignites it will smoke for the first five minutes approximately and then the smoke will reduce down.  The Fire can be re-fueled as required when the logs have burned to a low level.  
You must ensure the level of the logs does not pass beyond the secondary air burn holes. This ensures the cleanest possible burn from the Fire.  A typical fire, with full grate of kiln dried logs, can burn for over an hour.  This can however vary depending on weather conditions, logs used and ash levels.

After Use

Ensure your Fire is fully extinguished and cold, with no burning embers, before removing ash.
Always remember hot and cooling ashes can be a fire hazard.  
The cool down period of this Fire will change depending on fuel condition, ash content, number of hours burning and weather conditions.
This Fire can remain very hot for up to 4 hours after use.  Do not touch it, or empty the ashes, until after this period and you are confident it has fully cooled down.  Ensure you wear cut level 5 gloves.  Disposing of ash should be done with a galvanised steel or metal ash pan or bucket that can be sealed to collect all the unwanted ash from the Fire, or simply bring your cooled Fire to your designated area for ashes and empty.

Wood ash can he used in compost as it is good for the ground.  Ensure you have removed all ash from under the removable grate.