The Phoenix Firepit by MIDOS – Bringing the Inside Out for the Winter –

The Phoenix Firepit by MIDOS – Bringing the Inside Out for the Winter

The Phoenix Firepit by MIDOS – Bringing the Inside Out for the Winter

There is a lot of enjoyment that can be taken from being outside, no matter the season, especially if we can stay safe, comfortable, and cosy.  Embracing your outdoor space can be made so much easier with the warmth generated by the Phoenix Firepit by MIDOS. 

Whatever changes are made in the coming weeks to the current restrictions on the number of visitors to our homes, a lot of us will still probably prefer to do some of our socialising in small groups outdoors in our own safe spaces; our back gardens.   

Outdoor living trends are all about enjoying your alfresco space.  The Phoenix Firepit enables you to do this.   It has been designed and crafted in Ireland.  It is constructed entirely from stainless steel.  It is sturdy, compact, easy to move and easy to store. 

It provides a natural flame with natural heat, while producing the unmistakable aromas of burning kiln dried logs. 

And it could not be easier to use.  Place a couple of firelighters equally spaced on the stainless steel grate in the Firepit.  Position some kiln dried logs around them and carefully ignite the firelighters.  The logs will light within minutes.  Simple as that!

When refuelling the Phoenix firepit, the key is to ensure the level of the logs does not pass beyond the secondary air holes at the top of the Firepit.  The introduction of the secondary air burn holes is the clever part of the design of the product.  They help produce the cleanest possible burn and reduce the smoke levels emitted from the firepit to a very low level.  This makes it an ideal addition to any garden, whether you live in a built up area or a rural area.  Afterall, it’s always best not to fall out with the neighbours!

You don’t need a perfect time to get a Phoenix Firepit, you create that perfect time with the Phoenix Firepit, no matter the season.  Why not drop a hint so you get one for Christmas!

And once you’ve got one, stick a jacket on, and you know you are going to get another scarf and pair of gloves for Christmas, get outdoors and light that fire! 

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