Making memories with the Phoenix Firepit by MIDOS –

Making memories with the Phoenix Firepit by MIDOS



Make some memories with the Phoenix Firepit by MIDOS!  

Bringing some good old fashioned fun and laughter to family life.  Who knew you could sit outside in the dark, be warm, with not a computer device or phone in sight, and just be happy!

It really is the simple things that mean so much. You cannot beat the appeal of a real fire, its familiar and its homely. 

 It’s going to be a Winter like no other where it’s safer to socialise outside, but we still need to be warm.  Get cosy and help bring the Inside Out for the Winter with the Phoenix Firepit.  It is designed and crafted in Ireland and is suitable for all gardens.  It is constructed entirely from stainless steel.  It is designed to provide a natural flame with natural heat and the unmistakable aromas produced from burning kiln dried logs.  It generates less smoke due to its design so its ideal for town and country living. 

Here comes the science – the Phoenix Firepit has been designed with secondary air burn holes.  The introduction of secondary air causes the partially combusted gases at the top of the combustion chamber to re-ignite and create a secondary burn flame.  This results in greater heat and further reduces the smoke levels emitted from the firepit to a very low level.  So, there is no need to fall out with the neighbours!


The Phoenix Firepit can be positioned and set up in minutes.  It is sturdy, compact, easy to move and easy to store.