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Capri Barbeque

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Why you should choose Capri:

  • A patented stainless steel oven with a refractory base, it quickly reaches the set temperature thanks to the fumes produced by the grill's fire.
  • The grill area has a refractory floor and insulated padding
  • Cast iron and ceramic glass oven door with a thermometer.
  • Ashpan with the Fast-Fire Box airflow system with a high alumina content and features rear ventilation to ensure greater resistance to intensely burning log fires even when used frequently.
  • Ashpan with fast-fire box airflow that improves combustion and makes cleaning easier after the fire has gone out.
  • Self-bearing wood brazier in painted steel.
  • Stainless steel Bio grill with Bakelite handles.
  • Marmotech worktop with a polished, grey granite finish.
  • Chromed utensil rail.
  • Cement mix structure. Must be painted.
  • Assembly kit included.

Size and Weight

186x95xh265 cm // 1150 kg 

Size of grill

76x37cm adjustable to 3 heights

Shipping & Delivery

Usually, a Palazzetti barbeque will ship within 8 weeks of your order being processed.

To be installed by competent person/persons

This product should be installed by a competent person, to manufacturers guidelines / please refer to product manual.
This manual should be retained for future reference.
Care must be taken when handling/holding any part of this product as each part can weigh a considerable amount.
Due to the weight of the parts a minimum of two people is required for the assembly of the barbeque.
For safety reasons it is recommended that children are not permitted in the assembly area.
Users should wear protective footwear and other appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves, protective clothing, suitable eye / face protection to avoid injury.
The responsibility for installation of the product lies with the installer.

Assembling & Maintaining Your Barbeque

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